Spring Cleaning Is Essential

Spring is definitely the time of the year we long for signs of new life, all things green and renewed. Long Pennsylvania winters can be rough on humans, homes and our vehicles.

Lets face it, many of us spend more time in our vehicles than our homes and it shows. The cup holders begin to hold more than cups, the center console is full of “stuff” to be polite, “sticky” describes your seats and those floor mats are heavy with dirt and salt. The air inside the cabin starts to smell of mold with thick undertones of dust. You might even pick up the scent of rodent droppings coming from the cabin air filter, hidden deep behind your glove compartment. The purpose of your cabin air filter, as you may have guessed, is to provide you with clean, refreshed, spring air as well as facilitate your defrosters and ac to work properly, just in time for spring rain and thick swirls of pollen.

If you suffer from lung disease such as asthma or have allergies you definitely want your cabin air filter checked and changed if needed. Simply put, your health depends on it. Now that you’re holding your breath, take a wide look out your windshield. I’m betting there’s a weird film that’s clouding up your view, impacting your night vision. This is good news if you were thinking you were just getting old or needed glasses. My point is this: spring cleaning is essential. Your comfort and the comfort of your passengers will depend on the air quality, air conditioning and cleanliness of your vehicle. We know a clean, maintained vehicle shows less wear and tear; therefore making it more valuable to trade or sell when the time arrives. Now for the really good news, at Hunter’s Garage we check your filters-including your cabin air filter-as a part of our digital vehicle inspection, with every oil change and state inspection.