Falling In LOVE All Over Again!


Cool, crisp air is on it's way with gorgeous PA fall foliage to boot!  Fall is my favorite season.  I could stare endlessly at nature's landscape, admiring the perfect painting of  rich reds, golds, plums and orange.  This is the best time for day trips into the woods at our local state parks or a journey to the PA Grand Canyon.  I can taste the fresh maple syrup, mmmm and smell the sweet, all american apple pie.  Oh yes, fall is my favorite season!!   Fall is also a great time to change out those sun beaten wiper blades in preparation of those fall rains.   Dirty, congested engine and cabin air filters also need inspected for possible replacement.  Engine and cabin air filters typically need replaced 1-2 x per year depending on road conditions and driving habits.  You'll appreciate the clean smelling air and optimal functioning defrost in your vehicle while your vehicle will appreciate  breathing easier, cleaner air,  while improving your engine performance.  These simple maintenance tasks will make your day trip more enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons.  Our VIP customers enjoy 10% OFF wiper blades all year round.  Our FREE VIP Gold program also offers $5.00 OFF every oil service and 10% OFF VIP Gold maintenance.  It's easy to sign up and enjoy loyalty savings, simply call 814-765-1285 or click on the VIP tab on the home page.  


We wish you a fabulous Fall season.  We'll be right here to change out those wiper blades and filters to ensure your free time is spent making memories. 


Engine air filter diagnosed with breathing disorder.

Hunter's Garage cabin air filter.jpg

Cabin air filters are out of sight and easily forgotten.