I Like It HOT!

We're headed straight into a fiery weekend with temperatures soaring into the high 90's and air you can wear like a wet, wool sweater.   It's gonna be hot, like smokin hot!!  While we may not LOVE smokin hot weather, we do relish warm summer weather that brings trips to the beach, road trips and camping.  These fun activities require your vehicle to be in tip top shape to avoid being stranded in the summer heat. So, while we like it hot, your vehicle battery does not.  There are two main reasons why your battery life is shortened: overheating and hot weather.  If you're feeling the heat then so is your car battery.  Here's my smokin hot battery tips: 

  • Park in a shaded area whenever possible. Utilize a garage, car port or a fabulous shade tree to shield your vehicle from direct sunlight.

  • Always check your vehicle battery for signs of decline or damage such as bulging, cracks, leaks. Dim headlights or difficulty starting could indicate a weak battery.

  • Have your battery checked before making those fabulous road trip memories.

  • Battery life averages 3-5 years pending routine maintenance, environmental conditions.

Stop on into Hunter's Garage. A battery check is FREE.  The peace of mind is priceless.  We are wishing you all fabulous summer memories.