Spring Car Care Tips

It appears Spring is finally here to stay, yee haa! When Spring hits, we're jumping at the chance to simply drive with the windows down and the sunroof open.   I'm right there with ya!  Spring is also a great time to take a closer look at the damage from winter in preparation of those treasured summer road trips.  We all know that Pa winters and salt laden roads are killers on our vehicles.   

So, for spring car care tip #1- Give your car a good bath, inside and out.  Pay extra attention to the under carriage to remove any anti skid, mud and of course the deadly salt.  Then finish the spa treatment with a healthy wax.  While your washing your car, pay attention to any chips or cracks in the windshield or signs of rust to the painted areas as well as the underneath.   Take a gander under the hood and clean any corrosion around the battery terminals.  

Spring Car Care tip #2- Check out those tires.  Warmer outdoor temperatures mean changes in tire pressure.  Check your tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge, adding air to match the OEM recommendations for your vehicles tire pressure according to your vehicle placard.  Your vehicle placard is located on your driver's side door or driver's side door pillar.   Check out your tire condition, is the tread in good condition for spring rains? Do you notice any irregular tire wear or bulging to the side wall?  If you question your tires health, stop on in.  We'll gladly assess your tires for safety.  

Spring Car Care Tip #3- Check your belts for looseness, cracks, glazing or frays.  Check hoses for hardening or softening as well as signs of leaking, cracks or blistering.  These parts are very affordable to replace especially when compared to the damage a broken belt or faulty hose can cost.  

Spring Car Care Tip #4 - Spring is a great time to assess the function of those wiper blades.  If you notice streaking, skipping, or squeaking then it's time to replace those wiper blades.  After all, you need to see to drive safely.  On average, wiper blades need replaced 2x a year.  Finally, take a moment and fill up your windshield washer fluid.  

Taking care of your car throughout the year greatly reduces the chances of expensive repairs and unsafe travel.  Staying alert to any unusual sounds, noises, smells, or vibrations while driving and bringing those symptoms to your auto technician's attention is essential.  Now it's time to sit back, relax, and go for a long drive down a country Pennsylvania road.  Enjoy the drive.