Deciphering Your Vehicle Placard

What in the world is a vehicle placard and why do I even care??  This sticker provides you with vital life information in regards to your vehicle.  Lets say you have a low tire and need to add air.  How much air do you add to reach the proper PSI?  Maybe, you've decided to invest in new rims.  What size of rims do you need?  With summer on the way, your ready to switch out winter tires for all season tires.  What size of tires do you need?  Where in the world can you find your VIN number?  These basic yet vital pieces of information are located on your vehicle placard which is located right next to you either on the driver's side door or the driver's side door pillar.  This sticker holds a wealth of valuable information, however it reads like a puzzle, making it difficult to decipher all the information.  So, lets decipher the puzzle using the picture below.

vehicle placard.jpg