Straight Outta Juice

Car battery

Life in the slow lane of February remains frigid, as it should be.   We've made it through the hustle and bustle of December, and deep freeze of January, and now onto February.  The frigid cold winter weather always causes me to focus on safety.  I've seen, and you have to, the stranded vehicles along the road, or the car sitting dead waiting to get their battery jumped in a lonely parking lot.  This is as much fun as a toddler screaming at the top of their lungs cause you're straight outta juice.   As a parent, I know life has you racing in 10 different directions all at the same time AND sometimes you end up straight outta juice.  We have enough to think about aside from the cozy vehicle battery sitting  quietly under the hood, that is until the darn battery ends up deader than a doornail. 

Chances are that that car battery was sending signals prior to it's death, such as: 

  • A slow engine crank,

  • dim headlights,

  • dashboard battery warning light  

  • possibly a swollen battery case

  • foul smell under the hood. 

These symptoms warn us of pending doom, and this is the perfect time to replace your dying vehicle battery.   When in doubt, check it out with a free battery check.  

Now that you've been rescued and your battery is shiny new, how do you maintain a vehicle battery?  

  1. Don't leave accessories on when your vehicle is not running such as the radio, t.v., laptop (I've done this a few times, oops.)

  2. Maintain your battery by keeping the terminals tight and free from corrosion.  Keep your battery snug to keep it from wiggling around and loosening the terminals. 

  3. If your car has  battery insulator, check to ensure it's in place and undamaged.

  4.  Have your battery checked with every oil service.

  5. Recognize that your vehicle battery has an estimated life of just 5 years unless of course the battery has not been maintained. 

So, strap on your seat belt and put your car in gear as you travel down the fast lane called life.   Just remember to show your car battery some love and  I hope you never, ever have to hear a toddler scream or your spouse grumble cause your straight outta juice. 

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