The Short Winded Version On Winter Tires

Winter is here, although you can’t tell by looking at the muddy earth. The long standing discussion of all season tires vs winter continues long after the snow melts. I’m hoping our short winded discussion will make purchasing winter tires EASY. The first focus on choosing tires is your safety, so it’s imperative to evaluate your needs. How many miles do you travel and what are the typical winter road conditions in your area? Are you traveling on rural roads where snow drifts occur and it may take road crews longer to clear the snow? Does most of your traveling occur during evening or night hours with limited visibility and increased risk of snow laden roads? Now we can discuss the difference between ALL SEASON and WINTER tires so you can pick the best option to fit your needs. The info graphic below provides an excellent resource. While ALL SEASON tires with excellent tread are suitable for winter driving there is no doubt that WINTER tires are the best option for most central PA drivers. Throughout the winter season please monitor your tire pressures, addressing any Tire Pressure Warning light, and monitor tread wear for uneven wear. Assessing your tires for bulges, cupping, and poor tread depth is essential to keep you safe during winter travel. We will gladly answer your tire questions and assist you in making the best tire investment to meet your needs. We gladly offer tires and tire maintenance services such as tire rotation, 4 wheel alignments, and fixing tires to preserve your investment for the long haul. Lastly, we wish you safe travels during the winter season.

all season tire vs. winter tires.png