Confessions From An Auto Technician's Wife

Well it's time to spill the beans and shout out my CONFESSIONS.  It's really a very healthy thing to do, confess your sins and move on, right?  I truly think so or I wouldn't be doing this right here, right now, to all you folks.   So, here's the nity, grity, down and dirty truth.  (Taking a deep breath.. followed by long exhale)  Are you sitting down?   As an auto technician's wife I have NEVER, EVER checked my fluids, in my car.  I had no clue where the oil dip stick is, where to put the engine coolant or the windshield washer fluid.  Until I started to work here, I never heard of transmission fluid.  ( Another confession: I most likely have since we've been married for 22 years but  selective hearing works both ways..Ladies, you know what I'm saying.)  Did ya know there's such a thing as brake fluid and power steering fluid?  That's a whole lot of fluids, just sayin.  Now, I never, ever checked or monitored these fluids because I never really had to.  Doug, owner of Hunter's Garage LLC, closely monitors and performs preventative maintenance to preserve our automobile investment and ultimately keep our family safe in a dependable vehicle.  The present day reality is... NOW I know these fluids exist, WHERE they go (in my car) and WHY their so important.   Doug still monitors and performs preventative maintenance but now I KNOW and that's worth confessing.  

I'm a woman on a mission to guide vehicle owners on maintenance matters which begins with knowing these fluids exist and helping owners to better maintain their investments.  In our crazy busy lives, the old adage, " Out of sight, out of mind" holds so true.   SO WHAT's THE PROBLEM?  Often, on at least 75% of DVI's, Digital Vehicle Inspections,  there was a concern indicating  LOW ENGINE COOLANT.  Engine coolant is essential by performing 3 BIG jobs.  The first is to protect the aluminum engine part, second is to keep the engine from over heating and the third is to keep the engine from freezing.  Monitoring engine coolant is essential to prevent future damage to your vehicle and diagnosing a possible current problem.   OUR SOLUTION=  Our Premium Oil Change solves this problem with a full bumper to bumper assessment performed by a highly qualified auto technician who assesses engine coolant level and possible leaks.  The auto technician will then  fill your engine coolant.  NEVER RUN LOW again with our PREMIUM OIL CHANGE, only $40.39.  Includes 5 quarts of quality oil, oil filter and fill up your windshield washer fluid.  Ta-da, 3 fluids covered in just 1 visit.  Maintenance matters and Hunter's Garage LLC makes maintenance easy.

Hunter's Garage oil change pic 2.jpg