Is Your Car Road Trip Ready?

Peeking around the corner is SUMMER!  The kiddos are ready to run home, kick off their sneakers in exchange for flip flops.  School is practically over which means time will slow down just a tad with grand hopes of summer vacation.  Visions of road trips to amusment parks topped off with cotton candy or boardwalks by the beach with misty ocean breezes and salt water taffy.  We've always  enjoyed  camping in new territories, exploring the region for local attractions .  There's nothing like a crackling campfire mixed with haunting scary stories in between a few smores before  going to bed. Vacations are memory makers.  Timeless treasures that seem to get better over time.  The " Do you remember when..." or "How about that time.." are truly the best of times.  

Now that I've adulted with two teenage daughters, I'm all about making memories.  Time travels at warp speed and before you know it your empty nesters.  Where will you go this summer?  I've always enjoyed planning the vacation, although I'm a bit obsessive compulsive with the details.  No flying by the seat of my pants here.  Every detail is planned which can drive my husband and kids crazy!  One thing I never planned was our vehicle breaking down, sitting along the road, waiting for a tow truck.  I never thought about the safety of our vehicle and it's dependibility.  I'm sure it's because that's not FUN planning but it is real life.   If your planning a road trip this summer to create treasured memories then take a gander at our check list.  We want you to arrive at your vacation destination safely in a dependable vehicle.   We're here to help, give us a call at 814-765-1285.  Wishing you a fabulous summer full of treasured memories.   We can perform and AUTOVIEW of your vehicle -a complete assessment with pictures for $25.00.  That's peace of mind.  Wishing you a fabulous summer full of treasured memories.

Cindy Hunter-Wife, Mother, and Office Manager